10 May 2012

A Celebration of Entrepreneurs, Designers, & Inventors in Marin

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A Celebration of Entrepreneurs, Designers, & Inventors in Marin

Earthsite is located in beautiful Marin County, just north of San Francisco, CA where we are fortunate to be amongst an abundance of entrepreneurs, designers, and inventors.  Recently, The Venture Greehouse, an initiative of Dominican University of California, opened its doors in San Rafael, CA. 

The Venture Greenhouse is a business accelerator and incubator for social & environmental entrepreneurs.  Earthsite worked with The Venture Greenhouse to build a new website in the beginning of 2012.  

On Thursday, May 17, 2012 from 4-7 pm The Venture Greenhouse will be hosting the first ever Marinnovation,  A Celebration of Entrepreneurs, Designers, & Inventors in Marin, CA.  

Marinnovation will highlight Marin's vibrant, creative culture and showcase the technologies, designs and ventures that are developing throughout the county. Marinnovation marks Marin's emergence from the shadow of Silicon Valley to shine as a catalyst for new ideas, cutting edge technologies and sustainable economic development.

To showcase your business at Marinnovation, contact Matt Gaulding, Operations Manager at: matthew(at)venturegreenhouse(dot)org

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